From Both Ends of the Earth (Winnipeg/Toronto)

Reunion performance

Saturday August 30, 7pm, Lakeside Terrace, Harbourfront Centre, FREE

Ashkenaz is pleased to present the first performance since 1999 by From Both Ends of the Earth, a short-lived but significant supergroup of Canadian-Jewish and Ukrainian musicians. The group was originally founded by a trio of Winnipeggers (at the time), and premiered at the 1997 Ashkenaz Festival. The original lineup featured multi-instrumentalist Daniel Koulack (bass, strings) of the legendary Canadian klezmer group Finjan, Russian émigré jazz and classical musician Sasha Boychouk on clarinet, sax and sopilka (Ukrainian flute), and jazz pianist, composer and New Music performer Marilyn Lerner. The group was inspired by a mutual desire to interpret traditional Yiddish and Ukrainian music in a modern, multi-genre light. The group soon expanded to include two of Toronto’s leading musical figures, vocalist David Wall (Bourbon Tabernacle Choir, The Flying Bulgars) and percussionist Rick Lazar (Samba Squad). Their one and only eponymously-titled CD was released in 1999 and received critical acclaim and significant airplay on CBC radio. Now reunited for the first time in 15 years, From Both Ends of the Earth remains a formidable ensemble with a vibrant, contemporary take on traditional Yiddish and Eastern European music.

Travel provided in part by the Canada Council for the Arts

Sponsored by The Asper Foundation

Co-presented with United Jewish People’s Order