Ichka (Montreal)

CD Release
Sunday August 31, 6pm, Redpath Stage, Harbourfront Centre, FREE

Ichka is one of the most vibrant new additions to Canada’s klezmer music scene. The group presents a panorama of Klezmer music, with a repertoire stretching from Ukraine and Moldova, to Greece and Turkey, passing through Romania and Poland. They are heavily influenced by the classic klezmer sound of the 1920s and 30s, drawing inspiration from the 78rpm recordings of clarinetists Dave Tarras, Naftule Brandwein, and violinist Abe Schwartz. In an era of increasing experimentation and fusion across the klezmer music genre, Ichka is a proud bastion of tradition, animated with youthful energy, fresh perspective and unbridled joy. The band features accordionist Laurence Sabourin, clarinetist Julien Biret, trombonist Eli Richards and violinist Isaac Beaudet.

Ichka Website