Siach Hasadeh (Montreal)

Toronto Premiere
Monday September 1, 1pm, Brigantine Room, FREE

Siach HaSadeh performs improvised Jewish chamber music – unique and improvisational takes on early Chassidic niggunim, with influences from jazz, classical, Turkish and Klezmer music. The approach to the material is reverential, and minimalist, but allows for improvisation and self expression from the voices of the musicians – drawing on diverse musical backgrounds and experience, without losing touch with the original intent. Features Joel Kerr (double bass), Daniel Fuchs (violin), Gael Huard (cello), Jason Rosenblatt (harmonica), Ismail Fencioglu (oud).

Siach HaSadeh references the play on words derived by the Jewish Sages, the word roots can convey both “plants of the field,” and “meditation in the field.” It is taught that every plant has its own unique song that it sings, and that those songs are gathered to make holy music. That prayer and meditation are essential components in creation, and that music, and wordless niggun is a means of expressing that which words cannot – awakening the soul directly without language and its inherent barriers and limitations.
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