Directed by Boris Sandler (New York)
Yiddish with English subtitles, 42 minutes
Monday September 1, 1pm, Studio Theatre, FREE

Acclaimed Moldovan Yiddish writer Yechiel Shraybman decribes passages of his life  beginning with his childhood in the Bessarabian shtetl of Rashkev (Vadul-Rascov) and culminating with his historic first and only visit to Jerusalem, where he engaged the public there with a reading nearing the end of his eventful life. He tells about the pre-war Romanian Yiddish Theatre in Bucharest where he worked. Archival footage accompanies his monologue as do rare treasures from his family photo albums and those of other Bessarabian Yiddish writers—most of whom suffered unendurably for their Yiddish creative output while under Stalin’s regime. The film wanders on location through the streets of Shraybman’s shtetl in contemporary times where, after the writer’s death, a memorial sculpture was raised there in his honor. While visiting the old Jewish cemetery, the burial place for generations of Rashkev’s Jews, we hear Shraybman’s literary testament and last wishes expressed during a reading he gave when he was finally permitted to visit Jerusalem for the first time.


Co-presented with Toronto Jewish Film Festival