Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra

Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra Montreal

Sunday September 4, 9:30pm
Concert Stage

Montreal’s Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra is an explosion of music and dance, circus and imagination. The band is a creative chaos that fuses Afro-Colombian percussion with the brass and violin melodies of the Roma peoples of Eastern Europe and Jewish klezmer music. Formed three years ago by GIROVAGO productions, this 16-piece group has already performed over 140 shows, including many festivals across Ontario, Québec, Eastern Canada, Colombia and parts of France. As 2016 JUNO Nominees, GKO has arrived as one of Canada’s leading new big bands. Featuring Anit Ghosh, Zeneli Codel, Laurence Sabourin, Julien Biret, Ivan Bamford, Maxime Ethier, Julie Richards and Blaise Margail.

Sponsored by:
Moses, Libby and Sam Znaimer