Jinta La-Mvta
Canadian Premiere

Jinta La-Mvta Japan

Saturday September 3, 8-9pm
Concert Stage, Harbourfront Centre

Tokyo’s Jinta-la-Mvta is a unique ensemble that combines its own roots in Japanese folkloric music traditions with influences from Jewish, Greek, Balkan and American musical traditions. The group has developed a singular style that combines the Japanese Chindon-ya style – a kind of marching band street music that was often used as a vehicle for commercial advertising – with other marching band and street music styles from other cultures and parts of the world, such as Jewish klezmer music and New Orleans jazz. Whimsical, colourful, and eclectic, Jinta La-Mvta will surprise and delight with their energetic fusion of seemingly disparate musical traditions. Featuring Wataru Ôkuma, Miwazo Kogure, Naoki Hishinuma and Marié Abe.

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Gilbert and Elisa Palter and Family
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