Lemon Bucket Orkestra

Lemon Bucket Orkestra Toronto

Saturday September 3, 11pm
Brigantine Room

From Toronto to New York, Budapest to Berlin, audiences are hailing the Lemon Bucket Orkestra as folk music revolutionaries. Self-described as a “balkan-Klezmer-Gypsy-party-punk-super” band, the group has grown since its birth six years ago from its initial quartet of buskers to a sixteen-piece guerrilla folk force with an army of grassroots followers and mainstream fans at home and abroad. Those discovering the band for the first time quickly realize that their shows are more than concerts: they’re wild, joyful experiences rarely contained by four walls; they’re celebrations of tradition and culture expressed with an explosive punk spirit; they’re ecstatic street parades that erupt from the collision of nostalgia and imagination. The group’s explosive take on Ukrainian, ex-Yugoslavian, Romani and other east European traditional styles, combined with their desire to play anywhere and everywhere (including airplanes and subway cars!) has earned them numerous award nominations and the reputation as Toronto’s liveliest and most irreverent party band. Featuring Scott Pollock, Mark Marczyk, Marichka Marczyk, Oscar Lammbarri, Ian Tulloch, Jaash Singh, Stephina Woloshyn. Nathan Dell-Vandenberg, Chris Weatherstone and Michael Louis Johnson.


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