Oktopus Montreal

Monday September 5, 2pm
Stage in the Round, Harbourfront Centre

Montreal’s Oktopus is one of the most vibrant new voices in Canada’s world music scene. Their spirited blend of traditional East-European melodies laced with classical overtones is also spiked with hints of traditional Quebec music. Thus, their self-conceived appellation “balkanized Québecois klezmer.”  Since 2010, the group has been extending its creative tentacles across the musical landscape with an effervescent concoction of new and reinvented elements of klezmer and related folk traditions. This joyous band of eight musicians whisks listeners away on a vibrant overseas journey, following the trail of the klezmorim across Europe, tipping its collective hat off to Brahms and other luminaries in passing. After a quick detour back to North America, the music of Oktopus soars eastward towards the moving sands and sounds of the Maghreb, and its soulful renditions of the oral traditions carry as far as the Urals, where they echo the tears of the dispossessed. Featuring Gabriel Paquin-Buki, Vanessa MarcouxGeoffroy Cloutier-TurgeonMatthieu BourgetPatricia DarcheMathieu BourretMarilène Provencher-Leduc and Gregory Fitzgerald.

Sponsored by:
Dr. Stanley and Gail Debow