Polky Village Band Toronto/Poland

Wednesday August 29
Lula Lounge

Polky Village Band takes audiences on a musical journey to Poland, Central and Eastern Europe where one can hear Carpathian, Jewish, Gypsy, Ukrainian, Slovak and Hungarian influences. Started in early 2017 by singer and ethnomusicologist Ewelina Ferenc, the band came together through a shared passion for the unique styles of Central and Eastern European folk music. In Toronto, Ewelina met dancer and choreographer Ala Stasiuk, and discovered a mutual desire to share the music and dance they had learned growing up in Poland with some incredible Canadian musicians. They present music and traditional instruments, currently reviving on the Polish music scene, and create their own unique sound by adding a Canadian and multicultural flavor. Ewelina and Ala are joined by Georgia Hathaway (fiddle, vocals), Matti Palonen (cello, hammer dulcimer, vocals), Tristan Murphy (accordion, pocket trumpet, vocals) and Marta Solek (Plock knee fiddle, Bilgoray suka, Greek lyra).

This event is part of Global Shtetl, a series of curated excursions that pair music and arts with cuisine. For more information click here

TICKETS $20 at the door or $50 Dinner Package as part of Global Shtetl