North American Premiere

YID! Australia

Conceived by Melbourne musician Simon Starr, YID! is an extraordinary 22-piece collective of virtuoso musicians that unfurls a joyous, edgy and ferociously danceable trip into their Jewish musical roots. The recipe for YID! is mesmerising. They take centuries-old Yiddish drinking songs, throw them in the pot with the sounds of Duke Ellington’s 1930s big band sound, add a dash of 1960s free jazz, a dose of late 1970s New York avant-garde funk, a sprinkling of 21st century electronica and a hint of sweet indie-folk pop. The result is a daring new fusion of tribal beats, improvised riffs and angelic indie vocals, channelling the sweet tunes of the long-gone Shtetl. YID! combines a funk band, big band, klezmer group, indie-folk outfit and electronic dance act into one big pile-driving unit that brings this beautiful music to a broad audience. Their music is a multi-sensory experience where the Yiddish language, group improvisation, dance and poetry come together to drag this vital and amazing culture firmly in to the 21st century and beyond.