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Ashkenaz Parade

Gather at 3:45pm One of the signature events of the Ashkenaz Festival, this year’s Parade brings to life our site-wide visual arts Read More


One of the most revered Jewish rituals, the celebration of Havdallahat the Ashkenaz Festival is likely Canada’s largest outdoor Havdallahceremony. Thousands of Read More

Festival Finale

As always, the festival comes to a climactic close with a series of performances by some of this year’s headlining artists, culminating Read More


Slichot are both the penitential prayers and poems associated with the period before Rosh Hashana (the Jewish new year), as well as Read More

Sela-Rosenblatt Quartet   Montreal/Israel

“Mizmor Shir” Jason Rosenblatt and Tevet Sela’s “Mizmor Shir” is a scintillating and exotic reimagining of the shabbat evening liturgical service. From Read More