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Agi Legutko   Poland/NYC

“I Want to See You Dead: Women, Gender, and Sexuality in Yiddish Literature” Early publications in Yiddish were addressed to “women and Read More

Panel: Women in Jewish Music

Women have played a central role in creating, preserving and evolving Jewish music traditions for centuries, but have also faced numerous obstacles Read More

Meet Frank London   NYC

Meet this year’s Theodore Bikel Artist-in-Residence, as he talks about his current projects and reflects on nearly four decades in the new Read More

Benny Ferdman Artist Talk

LA-based artist Benny Ferdman discusses the deeply personal symbol-scape that infuses his work, shaped by age-old Jewish art traditions, and the Yiddish Read More

Michael Wex   Toronto

“Mrs. Portnoy’s Complaint: What Yiddish Has to Say About the Yiddishe Mama” The Jewish mother is probably the stereotype most often and most closely Read More

Seth Rogovoy   New York City

“Leonard Cohen’s Mystical Midrash” In a multimedia presentation, author and music critic Seth Rogovoy explores how Leonard Cohen’s life and music can Read More

Miriam Hoffman “A Breed Apart”   Florida

Miriam Hoffman is a renowned scholar with a 50-year career that includes 25 years of teaching the Yiddish language and Jewish culture Read More

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Poland and the Jews: Past, Present and Future

As 2018 marks a number ofsignificant anniversaries in Jewish-Polish history, we convene a panel of artists, curators, and scholars to discuss the Read More

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