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Feb 13 2022

Tremoloing Before God: The Mandolin in Jewish Life

Dec 3 2021

Hanukah Flashback

Oct 10 2021

Nu? Normal! The Barn Sessions

Oct 7 2021

Sep 18 2021

Ashkenaz @BLOK: Slavic Music Meet

Sep 4 2021

A Taste of Ashkenaz on Labour Day Weekend

Aug 31 2021

The 25th Anniversary Ashkenaz Festival

Aug 28 2021

KlezKanada After Party

Jul 29 2021

BLOK Thursday with Beyond the Pale

Jul 26 2021

A Yiddish Renaissance

Ashkenaz is pleased to join with dozens of other international Yiddish culture organizations in supporting this virtual concert honoring Zalmen Mlotek’s 50-year career dedicated to Yiddish music and theatre.

Jul 19 2021

Barn Concerts

Jul 11 2021


Jun 3 2021

TJFF 2021

May 24 2021

Happy Birthday Bob

May 23 2021

Chorny/Ghergus Duo 30th Anniversary Celebration

Apr 18 2021

Kazimierz Unseen: An Alternative Tour of Krakow’s Former Jewish Quarter

Mar 21 2021

The Third Seder, 2021

Feb 26 2021

Purim Flashback, 1998

Feb 10 2021

“Flory’s Flame” Film Screening

Feb 3 2021

Brave Old World Virtual Reunion

Jan 31 2021

Brave Old World’s “Song of the Lodz Ghetto”

Jan 18 2021

Soul to Soul

Dec 27 2020

Adrienne Cooper: Dreaming in Yiddish Memorial Concert and Award

Dec 13 2020

Marcin Masecki & Mike Marshall

Oct 29 2020

New Yiddish Talkies

Oct 27 2020

The Jewish Hour

Sep 15 2020

Book Launch “NY Klezmer in the Early 20th Century”

Sep 1 2020

Ashkenaz 2020: Live and From the Archive

Aug 19 2020

25th Anniversary Exhibition Online

Jul 1 2020

Canada Day Edition – Yiddish Song: Step Forverts

Jun 11 2020

Bubbe and Zaide Book Launch

May 24 2020

Yiddish Song: Step Forverts

Apr 24 2020

Socalled Livestream

Apr 23 2020

Socalled String Quartet

Apr 12 2020

The Third Seder

Nov 9 2019

Primo Levi and Vasily Grossman: A Dialogue Between Witnesses

Oct 30 2019

Yemen Blues plays “Hallel”

Sep 22 2019

A Celebration of Yiddish Kite(s)

Sep 8 2019

Shalom Bollywood – Encore Screening

Jul 20 2019

Shalom Bollywood

Jul 1 2019

Canada Day at Aga Khan Museum

May 30 2019

Daniel Kahn and the Painted Bird

May 19 2019

World Fiddle Day

Apr 4 2019

Yiddish Spring events

Apr 4 2019

Yiddish Spring at Canadian Language Museum

Aug 28 2018

2018 Ashkenaz Festival

May 6 2018

The Ancient Law @TJFF

Mar 8 2018

Bint El Funk

Jan 18 2018

Yemen Blues

Nov 25 2017

Israeli-Iranian Musical Initiative

Nov 8 2017


Sep 24 2017

Boxcar Boys @Tastes of the Hill

Sep 17 2017

Beyond the Bagel Brunch

Sep 14 2017

Polyphonic Ground Launch Event

Aug 20 2017

Hoffman/Lemish Quartet @ Markham Jazz Fest

Aug 8 2017

Bret Higgins’ Atlas Revolt @RHCPA

Jun 22 2017

Beyond the Pale CD Release Show

Jun 11 2017

Emilyn Stam & John David Williams

May 6 2017

Jane Bordeaux

May 6 2017

REEL Ashkenaz films @ TJFF 2017

Mar 24 2017

Musical Shabbat with AvevA Dese

Mar 23 2017

AvevA Dese “AfroSoul”

Feb 20 2017

The Hoffman/Lemish Quartet

Feb 11 2017

If It Be Your Will: A Tribute to Leonard Cohen

Jan 22 2017

Sasha Lurje & Litvakus: Goyfriend

Oct 29 2016

Socalled’s “The Golem”

Aug 30 2016

2016 Ashkenaz Festival

Jun 19 2016


May 5 2016

Reel Ashkenaz @ TJFF 2016

Apr 3 2016

Film: Rock in the Red Zone (2015, 90 mins)

Mar 28 2016

Heartbeat: Amplifying Israeli and Palestinian Youth Voices

Mar 20 2016


Mar 20 2016

Interfaith Community Forum with A-Wa and Ralph Benmergui

Jan 16 2016

Ichka @ SRC

Nov 5 2015

Muzsikás: The Lost Jewish Music of Transylvania

Aug 25 2015

Annual Summer Yiddish Concert featuring Shura Lipovsky & a Tribute to Theodore Bikel

Aug 16 2015

Ashkenaz @ Markham Jazz Festival, featuring BEYOND THE PALE

As part of our York Region Initiative, Ashkenaz is proud to bring some of Toronto’s leading Jewish roots music artists to festivals and venues in the 905 area.

Aug 4 2015

Ashkenaz @ RHCPA’s “Jazz in the Plaza” series featuring Zebrina

As part of our York Region Initiative, Ashkenaz is proud to bring some of Toronto’s leading Jewish roots music artists to festivals and venues in the 905 area.

Jun 12 2015

Lerner & Moguilevsky Klezmer Masterclass

Join Argentina’s Cesar Lerner and Marcelo Moguilevsky for an exciting hands-on musical experience as this dynamic duo presents a masterclass in Klezmer music, Buenos Aires-style.

Jun 11 2015

Lerner & Moguilevsky: Klezmer en Buenos Aires

Ashkenaz faves Cesar Lerner (piano, accordion, percussion) and Marcelo Moguilevsky (clarinet, sax, wooden flutes, harmonica) return to the city that introduced them to the international Jewish music scene nearly 18 years ago.

May 17 2015

Julius: All-Star Yiddish Vocal Quartet

Julius is a vocal supergroup featuring some of Canada’s leading contemporary performers and creators of original Yiddish vocal music. The quartet was originally commissioned for a special performance as part of the 2006 Ashkenaz Festival.

May 10 2015

Reel Ashkenaz @ Toronto Jewish Film Festival

John Lollos’ inventive documentary weaves together portraits of two beloved personalities—Sholom Aleichem and Theodore Bikel. An icon of modern Jewish literature, Sholom Aleichem created dozens of beloved characters who offer a window into prewar Eastern European shtetl life.

Apr 19 2015

Defending the Homeland: Rare Yiddish Songs of WWII

“Avant-bard” singer/songwriter/performer Psoy Korolenko and U of T Professor Anna Shternshis bring to life “lost” Yiddish songs of the Holocaust in this all-new concert and lecture program.

Mar 29 2015

Yiddish Vocal Workshop with “Julius”

Join the members of the all-star Yiddish barbershop quartet Julius for an interactive and entertaining program celebrating Yiddish music.

Mar 12 2015

Diwan Saz Interfaith Ensemble

Diwan Saz is a multicultural group made up of Jewish, Muslim, Christian and Bedouin musicians who perform ancient music from Central Asia, Turkey, Persia, and the Holy Land. The melodies and texts incorporate the spirit and music of Sufism and the musical heritage of the Holy Land.

Mar 11 2015

Musical Workshop and Masterclass with Diwan Saz Interfaith Ensemble

Join the members of Israel’s Diwan Saz Interfaith Ensemble for an intimate exploration of the instruments, forms, and styles at the heart of their music.

Mar 11 2015

Interfaith Panel Discussion – “Music and the Arts: A Bridge to Peace”

Featuring Jewish, Muslim, Christian, and Bedouin musicians, Israel’s Diwan Saz Interfaith Ensemble represents the possibility, indeed the existence, of peace through cultural exchange and artistic collaboration.

Dec 20 2014

Channukah 2014

Ashkenaz is pleased to participate this year in community Channukah festivities at the Schwartz-Reisman Centre in Vaughan, as part of our York Region Initiative, and in partnership with the JCCs of Greater Toronto.

Dec 5 2014

The Wandering Muse

Ashkenaz is proud to present the Toronto premiere of Montreal-based Director Tamas Wormser’s The Wandering Muse. From ram’s horn to beatbox, this globetrotting documentary explores a kaleidoscope of Jewish identity through the ever-changing music of the Jewish diaspora.
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