Enrico Fink Italy

Monday September 3 , 3:00pm - 4:00pm
Brigantine Room

“The Dybbuk In Firenze: A Musical Trip To Jewish Italy”

For several years now Enrico Fink has been one of the major figures in the Jewish music and theatre scene in Italy, regularly touring Europe and the United States with different groups and projects, and maintaining an active schedule as a lecturer and educator. As an artist, Enrico has devoted himself to new interpretations of Jewish cultural tradition, finding a path between the “radical” and traditional, using both music and musical theatre as means of expression. In this special presentation for Ashkenaz 2018, Enrico plunges into the incredibly rich, varied and complex world of Italian hazanut(cantorial music) Italian Jewish folk songs, and local dialects. Together with electric guitarist Michele Bonifati, Enrico performs music ranging from Jewish Italian folk tunes to klezmer, from yiddish songs to surprising arangements of Italian synagogue chant. Inhabiting multiple roles as storyteller, hazan, classical musician, badkhn(Jewish comedian), and clown, Enrico conveys his passion, humor and wit in this rousing, funny, moving and thought-provoking show.

Sponsored by:
Istituto Italiano di Cultura
Sponsored by:
Mario Romano