Global Shtetl: Enrico Fink Italy

"Il Profumo Delle Cose Buone (The Aroma of Things Good)"
Saturday, September 1 , 12:00pm - 2:00pm
Drom Taberna, 458 Queen St W

For several years now Enrico Fink has been one of the major figures in the Jewish music and theatre scene in Italy, regularly touring Europe and the United States with different groups and projects, and maintaining an active schedule as a lecturer and educator. As an artist, Enrico has devoted himself to new interpretations of Jewish cultural tradition, finding a path between the “radical” and traditional, using both music and musical theatre as means of expression.

In this special presentation for Ashkenaz 2018 as part of the Global Shtetl program, Italy’s Enrico Fink paints a picture of Italian Jewish life in the city of Ferrara before the war; with words, with a surprising repertoire of traditional music imaginatively revisited, and with the flavors of recipes from the cookbook of Jenny Bassani, whose famous family features in the historical novel (and later feature film) “The Garden of the Finzi Continis” by Giorgio Bassani. Enrico Fink’s unique storytelling and music provides the perfect appetizer before this delicious, authentic meal from the northern Italian city of Ferrara. Be prepared to stimulate all your senses!

This performance is part of the Global Shtetl program which combines music, food, and the arts while highlighting Toronto’s rich communities. There are five experiences available throughout the duration of the Ashkenaz Festival. To learn more, click here.

There will be separate $25 tickets available for Enrico Fink’s performance portion of the event on a walk-up basis. Tickets will be available at DROM Taberna starting at 11am. There will be plenty of room in the venue for day of walk-ups.

TICKETS $50: Concert & Lunch (in advance) or $25: Concert Only (at the door)
Sponsored by:
Istituto Italiano di Cultura