Putting the Oy in Joy with Judy Perly Toronto

Saturday September 1 , 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Miss Lou's Room

Judy Perly is one of Toronto’s most colourful and beloved Jewish food personalities. Nearly every Sunday for the last 23 years, she has hosted the “Bella, Did Ya Eat?” Sunday brunch at her restaurant Free Times Café on College Street, serving up heymishefavourites that would make even the most jaded bubbies kvellwith gastronomic delight. Blintzes, latkes, smoked salmon, gefilte fish, beets, pickles, bagels, salads of every kind and delectable deserts – Judy’s smorgasbord of traditional Jewish favourites is unrivaled in the city. Her brunch has also served as the longest-running venue for local Klezmer musicians and Yiddish singers to ply their trade, cementing a natural linkage between Jewish musical and culinary revival.In this presentation, Judy will share some culinary wisdom and samples of her signature dishes.

Sponsored by:
Free Times Café