The World of Sephardic Desserts with Kat Romanow Montreal

“Sephardic Desserts”
Monday September 3 , 3:00pm - 4:00pm
Miss Lou's Room

When we think of Jewish desserts, images of East European staples like babkaand rugelachcome to mind. And yet there’s a whole other delicious but lesser-known world of Sephardic desserts. Come learn how to make two Sephardic desserts and hear about their history at this demo and tasting with Jewish food historian, Kat Romanow. The director of food programming at the Museum of Jewish Montreal, Kat has become a leading figure in a growing community of Jewish food entrepreneurs across North America by creating projects that use food as a medium to teach people about Jewish culture and history. She created Fletchers – Espace Culinaire, the first Jewish food space of its kind in Montreal where people can sample a meal inspired by diverse Jewish food traditions or attend one of many food events. She also founded the Wandering Chew in 2013, a two-woman food collective that introduces Montrealers to the diversity of Jewish cuisines and communities through innovative food events.

Co-presented with:
Museum of Jewish Montreal