Dr. Seuss in Yiddish with Avi Hoffman (Florida)

Yiddish Children’s Stories (Kinder Mayses) with Miriam and Avi Hoffman Miami

Monday September 3 , 1:00pm - 2:00pm
Studio Theatre

Stories by the iconic authors Rudyard Kipling and Dr. Seuss are given surprising new spins in Yiddish translations read by renowned actor Avi Hoffman, and his Yiddishist mother, Miriam Hoffman, accompanied by projections of illustrations from the original publications. The Yiddish interpretations of these timeless classics will put a shmeykhel(smile) on the faces of children of all ages.

Sponsored by:
ShaRna Foundation
Sponsored by:
Mary Berman Fund for Yiddish Education at the Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto