Defining Soviet Jewish Cuisine with Lea Zeltserman Toronto

“Defining Soviet Jewish Cuisine”
Monday September 3 , 5:00pm - 6:00pm
Miss Lou's Room

Why do Soviet-born Jews often sigh with nostalgia over pork sosiski(wieners)? Three decades after the Soviet-Jewish immigration began — and over a century after the first shtetl-era Russian-Jews arrived in North America — do borscht and rye bread still define the Russian-Jewish table? Or have they been replaced with Georgian kharchoand Armenian plov? Come learn about how the unique mash-up of Soviet anti-Jewish policies, food standardization and chronic shortages created an entirely new Soviet-Jewish cuisine, and whether eating habits shared across the post-Soviet world can even be called Jewish. Food samples will be provided. Born in St. Petersburg back when it was Leningrad, Lea Zeltserman landed on the lucky side of history to grow up in Canada. As a journalist and cultural observer she writes on Russian-Jewish immigration, food and culture for publications such as Tablet,The Forward, Walrus, and Saveur. She also publishes the Soviet Samovarnewsletter.