Loyko Russia

Saturday September 1 , 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Lakeside Terrace

Founded in 1990 by violinist Sergei Erdenko, and also featuring violinist Artur Gorbenko and guitarist Michael Savichev, Loyko has been decribed as “two Paganinis and a Segovia.” Indeed, the trio’s virtuosity and mastery of Russian Roma music, and related musical styles of Eastern Europe, is practically unrivalled. The ensemble is named in honour of the legendary 18th century Roma violin virtuoso, Loyko Sobar, from whom Erdenko is in fact descended. The Loykotrio enchants its audiences with its soulful Gypsy music. Side by side these modern-day masters make the strings of their violins and guitar merge in magical musical arrangements, nourishing the cliché of the “devil’s violinist” in their very own unmistakable way. With plenty of folkloristic sentimentality, breathtaking virtuosity and rousing verve, the trio holds its audience spellbound. Loykohas performed thousands of concerts worldwide on some of the largest and most prestigious stages, delighting enthusiasts not only of traditional folk music, but also of jazz and classical music.