Michael Wex Toronto

Monday September 3 , 1:00pm - 2:00pm
Brigantine Room

“Mrs. Portnoy’s Complaint: What Yiddish Has to Say About the Yiddishe Mama”

The Jewish mother is probably the stereotype most often and most closely associated with Yiddish culture: overbearing, destructive in her affection, endlessly shoveling food down the unwilling throats of ingrates who don’t know what they’ve got till she’s gone and their own children are treating them the way they treated her. Join bestselling author Michael Wex to find out what Yiddish itself has to say about all this and whether or not there’s any truth to it. Or don’t join him––he hopes you and your other activity will be very happy together.

Sponsored by:
The Sam Zane Endowment Fund at the Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto