Orkestar Kriminal Montreal

Monday September 3 , 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Canada Square West

Orkestar Kriminalis comprised of improv performers who interpret inspired renditions of “world music” from the underworld. They sing gutsy and adventurous criminal songs from a dangerous and forgotten era, like Mexican tequila-smuggling tunes, Russian prisoner laments, and the grooves of a Yiddish gangster. They can also be found performing in Khmer, Greek, Hebrew, or whatever other tongue might attract the multilingual stylings of front woman Giselle Claudia Webber. So long as the tune is catchy and a little shady, they’ll give it their best shot. Orkestar Kriminal‘s debut album “Tummel” was released in 2015, attracting a plethora of media attention, and winning a GAMIQ for “Roots Album of the Year”. After continuous touring and a multitude of festival performances, the biggest criminal punks in world music are in the midst of recording their second full-length album, “Ryobra,” with producer Josh Dolgin, due to be released in August 2018 on Coax Records.