Socalled String Quartet Montreal

Monday September 3 , 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Lakeside Terrace

Montreal’s Socalled (aka. Josh Dolgin) is one of Canada’s leading exports to the international Yiddish music scene. He is best-known as a mad musical wizard, revolutionizing contemporary Yiddish and Jewish roots music with 21stcentury fusions inspired by rap, hip hop, funk and electronica. Though known as a rulebreaker, Socalled is also a diligent student and unabashed lover of classic Yiddish song. In his latest program, Socalled eschews the electronic beats and dons a tux to present his most unexpected concert yet: a heartfelt, unplugged, chamber music program of obscure and well-known Yiddish folk, theatre and arts songs, backed by a classical string quartet. Also featuring Pemi Paull (viola), Aleksandar Gajic (violin), Ruza Florence McIntyre (violin) and Olga Laktionova (cello).

Sponsored by:
UJA Federation Committee For Yiddish