North American Debut

The Bashevis Singers Australia

Sunday September 2 , 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Lakeside Terrace

The Bashevis Singers are the descendants of generations of people who lived their lives in Yiddish. Siblings Evie and Husky Gawenda and their cousin Gideon Preiss represent an unbroken link to the Yiddish world that their parents and grandparents transplanted from Poland to Australia in the first half of the 20thcentury. With contemporary folk-pop music aesthetics, they sing songs of hope and of fear, of love and sadness, of celebration and joy. Songs like prayers and songs like arguments with God. Eternal songs. Some are classic Yiddish folk songs written by musical legends at a time and in a place long gone. Some are poems set to music, written by the great poets of Eastern Europe and America, while others are songs of the Yiddish musical theatre. Performing music written in Israel, Poland, Russia, the United States and Australia, The Bashevis Singers’ blur the line between past and present in a timeless presentation free of nostalgia, kitsch and gimmickry, leaving the power of their voices and artistry of their arrangements and compositions to speak for themselves and to multiple generations.

Sponsored by:
Nathan and Lily Silver Family Foundation