WondeRing: Art For All

September 2-3

Created by Benny Ferdman & Shari Davis, with Evelyn Tauben

Wondering why an elephant adorned a synagogue ceiling in Poland? Wondering how a mermaid found its way onto the pages of a Jewish religious text? Wondering what kind of wild and unexpected art Jewish communities created in the lands of Ashkenaz? Enter a world of wonder inspired by the fantastical visual culture of centuries-old Eastern European Jewish folk arts traditions. WondeRing is a hands-on, fun-filled encounter with Jewish art and art-making for all ages. Greeted by surprising creatures and enchanting sculptures, everyone of all ages is invited to make art at WondeRing stations around Harbourfront. Use our WondeRing map to find the stations and collect a stamp for every station you complete. Participants will create a shiny whirligig that spins in the wind, add to our Landscape of Languages with favourite words or phrases in every language, create a Wonder Word flag, or make an amulet to adorn a silver castle carried on top of an elephant. Bring your whirligigs and flags to join in our music-filled journey of wonder in the Ashkenaz Festival’s signature parade on Monday afternoon. It will be wonder-ful!

Sunday September 2 • South Exhibition Common & North & South Orchard Tents • 12:00 – 6:00pm

Monday September 3 • South Exhibition Common & North & South Orchard Tents • 12:00 – 4:00pm