Jane Bordeaux

May 6 - 2017

To celebrate Israel’s 69th birthday, Ashkenaz is pleased to partner with the Schwartz/Reisman centre to bring a unique musical taste of Israel to Toronto.

Tel Aviv’s Jane Bordeaux Band makes “live n’ kickin'” american folk-country style music, in Hebrew. With the simplicity of country songs, vocal harmonies and story telling wrapped in humour and sincerity, one simply can’t help but fall in love with this trio. After performing everywhere a guitar, a double base and a tambourine could fit, the group has gathered fans and followers for their unique interpretation of the Americana folk-country music in the Hebrew language – the first such fusion of its kind in Israel. Their debut album containing 10 original songs and produced by Tomer Ishayahu (ISAIAH), was released last year and received enthusiastic reviews from audience and critics as well as local and national radio stations. From the moment their debut album aired, the band burst into the scene and began selling out every venue they came across while receiving warm reviews from the audience and music critics. The following singles off their debut album: “Ech Efshar She Lo” (“How can you not fall in love”), “Einav” and “Whiskey” were singled out after reaching the top playlists on the radio and are being played constantly on various radio stations. The song “Ech Efshar She Lo” even won the award “Most played song of 2015” in Israel’s national radio station ‘galgaltz’.

“The best Musical Success of the Past year”– Itay Shtern,”Haaretz”

“Jane Bordeaux are the sweetest candy in the Israeli music industry, you must catch them performing live as soon as possible.”– Gal Ohovsky, “Mako”

Check out the band’s website HERE

Check out a video HERE


Doors: 8:30pm Concert: 9:00 pm
$72 -VIP Tickets (Seats in first 4 rows, priority registration)
$54 (Seats in Rows 5-20, priority registration)
$36 (general admission)
*Tickets are only available online. No tickets will be available at the door.

Click HERE to purchase tickets

For more information please contact Gustavo Rymberg at gustavo@srcentre.ca or 905.303.1841 or Galya Sarner at galyas@srcentre.ca or 905.303.1821 x3030

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