Reel Ashkenaz @ TJFF 2016

May 5 - 2016

Photo: Paul Kligman, Sylvia Lennick Photography Date: April 21, 1959 Broadcast Date: April 21, 1959
Photo: Paul Kligman, Sylvia Lennick
Photography Date: April 21, 1959
Broadcast Date: April 21, 1959

The Littlest of Kings (1959)
May 14 – 1:00PM   Innis Town Hall

To commemorate the centenary of Sholem Aleichem, The Littlest of Kings was produced as part of the anthology series CBC Folio for Passover 1959. Adapted by author and screenwriter Charles Israel from a short story by the Yiddish writer, this beautifully-made production directed by Harvey Hart tells the story of three widowed sisters (played by Sylvia Lennick, Helene Winston and Anna Reiser) and a young boy who comes to fill an empty place in their lives.  A forgotten gem that evokes feelings of sadness, warmth and humour, The Littlest of Kings features a wonderful supporting cast that includes Paul Kligman, Ben Lennick, and Isaac Swerdlow.  TICKETS AND INFO

Blue Like Me: The Art of Siona Benjamin (2015)
Blue Like Me
May 9 – 3:30PM   Innis Town Hall
May 10 – 6:00PM   Cineplex Cinemas Empress Walk 9

The recipient of a Fulbright scholarship for a project about Indian-Jewish narratives, Siona Benjamin has had her work featured in numerous publications including The New York Times and Art in America. Filmmaker Hal Rifkin captures her transfixing artwork, resplendent with jaw-dropping imagery painted in a riot of colour. Born in Mumbai to a Jewish family, Benjamin synthesizes her Jewish roots with Hindu, Catholic, Muslim and Zoroastrian iconography of India. In blending these disparate sources, she produces something wholly original and utterly mesmerizing. A visually stunning portrait of this Indian-American artist.  TICKETS AND INFO

Night-Song-smallerNight Song / Mobile Étoile (2016)
May 12 – 8:30pm   Innis Town Hall
May 14 – 9pm – Famous Players Canada Square 2

Acclaimed director Raphaël Nadjari (Tehilim, A Strange Course of Events) has crafted an elegant film filled with wonderful performances and beautiful music. 40-year-old Hannah (Géraldine Pailhas), her husband Daniel, a pianist (Luc Picard) and their son, a violinist, live in Montreal. She and Daniel lead a chorus who perform Jewish liturgical chants for a small but devoted audience. The arrival of Abigail, a young, talented and lively singer, breathes new life into the group. However, Hannah’s hidden quest to bring a lost piece of Jewish music back to life pulls her in a direction that puts the chorus’ existence into jeopardy. TICKETS AND INFO

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