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An insight into Leo Spellman’s “Rhapsody 1939-45” in The Star (August 29)


The Globe and Mail’s Carly Maga hones in on Ashkenaz Artistic Director Eric Stein’s vision for the Festival (August 29)


The NP calls the Festival “for fans of the traditional and the ‘Balkan klezmer-Gypsy-punk’ variety (August 27)


Toronto Life’s ‘The Hype’ picks Ashkenaz as the No. 1 “to do” over Labour Day weekend 2012 (August 29)



Operatic Bass Anthony Russell: The New Voice of Yiddish Song (August 8)




Now Magazine called it a full-out Bridal Party: Corpse Bride revives Jewish folk tale (August 30)

Movement speaks instead of words: A Corpse Bride Review (Sept 6)

Lerner Moguilevsky return to the Ashkenaz Festival (August 31)



Leo Spellman’s Rhapsody to make Canadian Premiere (August 31)




Ashkenaz! A Sketchbook Diary by Sarah Lazarovic: Notes From a Toronto Festival (September 6)




Visual language prevails in The Corpse Bride: Mooney on Theatre review (August 31)



The Lemon Bucket Orkestra: Busting Busking Barriers (August 31)


Blog post Q&A: Ravid Kahalani of Yemen Blues (August 30)



The Ashkenaz Festival: “Bilui Naim” (August 29)




Matt Galoway speaks with Michael Wex, the Yiddish raconteur and author whose upcoming book is all about traditional Ashkenazi food (August 28)






Ashkenaz coming to Harbourfront (August 14)
Corpse Bride set to live music at Ashkenaz (August 17)
Yemen Blues, Socalled headline Ashkenaz (July 31)


10 must-attend events at the 2012 Ashkenaz Festival (August 27)




India Meets Israel in Toronto as Shye Ben Tzur Makes his North American Debut (August 23)


THE GUEST LIST: Speaking with Eric Stein, executive director of the Ashkenaz Foundation (August 15)


Fab features gay actor Nathan Carroll and his appearance in Ashkenaz’s The Corpse Bride (August 13)



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