Lerner & Moguilevsky Klezmer Masterclass

Lerner & Moguilevsky Klezmer Masterclass
Featuring Cesar Lerner and Marcelo Moguilevsky (Argentina)
Friday June 12, noon-2PM
Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre (MNJCC) – 750 Spadina Ave.
Cost: $20;
Advance registration required
To register, call
(416) 979-8282 or email jeff@ashkenaz.ca

Join Argentina’s Cesar Lerner and Marcelo Moguilevsky for an exciting hands-on musical experience as this dynamic duo presents a masterclass in Klezmer music, Buenos Aires-style. Lerner and Moguilevsky are world-renowned for their spellbinding improvisations and inventive re-interpretations of traditional Klezmer and Yiddish music. This is a rare opportunity for Toronto musicians to experience the great artistry of these musicians, up close and interactive. Like their live performances, there’s no telling what direction they may take this workshop, but it will be exciting and inspiring. The session is open to musicians of any age and level on acoustic instruments.
Don’t miss Lerner & Moguilevsky in concert, June 11. Click HERE for more information.



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