Sunday May 25, 2014
Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre
750 Spadina Avenue (at Bloor)

Lectures: 2:00-6:00pm
Gala Concert: 8:00pm

Immerse yourself in mameloshn! Celebrate the women of Yiddish literature with lectures in Yiddish and English, poetry readings and an evening Yiddish concert featuring Vira Lozinsky and the Emil Aybinder Ensemble from Israel. Featuring special guest speakers: Yael Chaver, Elly Gotz and Goldie Morgentaler.

A community celebration of Yiddish co-presented by: Ashkenaz Foundation; Committee for Yiddish of UJA Federation; Friends of Yiddish; Israel and Golda Koschitzky Centre for Jewish Studies at York University; Jewish Music Week in Toronto; Koffler Centre of the Arts; Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre; Toronto Jewish Literary Festival; University of Toronto’s Centre for Jewish Studies; Workmen’s Circle; York University’s Centre for Jewish Studies.


  • ·         Full Lecture package (including Annual Simcha Simchovitch lecture): $10 (+HST)
  • ·         Grand Finale Yiddish Concert featuring Vira Lozinsky – $20 in advance (+HST), $25 at door
  • ·         Special full-day lecture/concert combo – advance only: $25 (+HST)
  • *Please note that advance tickets and combo-tickets will only be available until May 24.

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    Please note that the concert tickets listed are for the concert PLUS the day of Yiddishtog lectures ($25+HST). Once you choose your seats, you will have the option to remove the lectures if you prefer tickets for the concert only ($20+HST).

SCHEDULE AT A GLANCE (all lectures in room 318 at the Miles Nadal JCC)

2:00pm            Dr. Yael Chaver – “Dos Vayblekhe Kol: Yiddish Dikhterins Firn a Dialog mit Yisroel”
3:15pm            Break – Kosher refreshments provided
3:30pm            Elly Gotz
4:15pm            Break – Kosher refreshments provided
4:30pm            Annual Simcha Simchovitch lecture featuring Goldie Morgentaler: “‘I Am Still There’: The Recreation of Jewish Poland in the Canadian Novels of Chava Rosenfarb”
7:30pm           Doors open for concert
8:00pm           Grand Finale Yiddish Concert featuring Vira Lozinsky and the Emil Aybinder Ensemble in the Al Green Theatre


2:00pm – MNJCC room 318

“Dos Vayblekhe Kol: Yiddish Dikhterins Firn a Dialog mit Yisroel”
Presented in Yiddish by Dr. Yael Chaver

Most of the European Zionists who settled in Palestine and later in Israel were reluctant to give up their European Yiddish culture, in spite of the strong Zionist preference for Hebrew. Among them were many writers, men and women, who continued to write in Yiddish. Dr. Chaver will introduce three of these women writers: Rikuda Potash, Rivke Basman Ben-Haim, and Rokhl Fishman, who engaged with their old-new homeland in their mother tongue. Co-sponsored by the University of Toronto’s Menachovsky Memorial Fund in Jewish Studies.

(photo) Dr. Yael Chaver teaches Yiddish language and literature at U. C. Berkeley and in the community. Her 2004 book What Must Be Forgotten: The Survival of Yiddish in Zionist Palestine was also published in Hebrew in 2005. She works at the intersection of modern Hebrew and Yiddish literature and has a particular interest in the Zionist Hebrew and Yiddish culture of pre-statehood Israel. Her most recent publication is “The End of Language Wanderings? Yiddish in David Grossman’s Ayen Erekh: Ahava  and Aharon Megged’s Foiglman,” Journal of Jewish Identities.

3:30pm – MNJCC room 318

Presented in Yiddish by Elly Gotz
Elly Gotz is a graduate electronics engineer and a businessman.  He was born in Kovno, Lithuania. He spent his teenage years in the Nazi ghetto there before being imprisoned in Dachau, where he was liberated in 1945 by the American army. Following the war Elly lived in Germany, Norway, Zimbabwe and South Africa.  In 1964 he came with his family to Canada and now lives in Toronto. He is a regular speaker at schools and universities, where he teaches tolerance by telling about his experiences in the Holocaust. Elly went to a Yiddish school in Kovno and loves Yiddish. He will give us a taste of the Yiddish poetry he loves – with translation beforehand.

4:30pm – MNjcc room 318

Annual Simcha Simchovitch Lecture:
“I Am Still There: The Recreation of Jewish Poland in the Canadian Novels of Chava Rosenfarb”
with Goldie Morgentaler

A lecture in English about one of the most important Yiddish writers of the 20th century. Readings by Eileen Thalenberg in Yiddish and English. Presented together with UJA Federation’s Committee for Yiddish, the Koffler Centre of the Arts, the Toronto Jewish Literary Festival and as part of Ontario Jewish Heritage Month.

8:00pm – MNjcc, Al Green Theatre
(doors open 7:30pm)

Grand Finale Yiddish Concert:
Vira Lozinsky and Emil Aybinder Ensemble – from Israel!

“Without a doubt, Vira Lozinsky is one of the best Yiddish singers today.” – Forverts, New York

Enchanting vocals backed by a powerhouse quartet blend contemporary and traditional Yiddish songs – from Klezmer, Romanian Gypsy and Russian to South American Tangos. Winners of the Grand Prize at the 2012 International Jewish Music Competition in Amsterdam. Co-presented with the Ashkenaz Foundation and Jewish Music Week in Toronto.

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